Are E-books good for reading?

Teenagers are certainly engaged by screens but not necessarily for reading. The result of our poll says that 50% of teenagers would probably read more on e-books as they get very engaged by screens, while 25% acknowledge they would probably get distracted and 25% prefer paper books.

We currently have 2 Kindles available for loan in the library. They are constantly issued! For students struggling with reading, they are great as the font size can be chosen and most e-books can also be read aloud. We plan to get more e-readers.

This article describes how e-books can motivate young non-readers and reluctant readers into reading and lead them to paper books too.

A study compared reading behaviour, text comprehension, and information recall from ebooks, tablet PC and paper. The results show it is equivalent, except reading is faster on a Tablet PC !  

Other researchers however point out the lack of spacial navigation cues on the e-books (and on the Internet in general) that could impact the way our brain develops and reactivates memory As we are guinea pigs in this space, it is worthwhile checking and questioning regularly the impacts of the technologies on our well-being. In this case,  I would argue, if we keep a balanced life of enjoying the outdoors, as we do in Wanaka, we’ll be safe.

Conclusion is that the most important technology is still “READING”!

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