Book Club


9780008157944We meet Tuesdays lunchtimes in the library.

We are currently reading the Siren. We are also being crafty and create posters for the library to advocate books and reading.

It is not too late to join so come along in term 2 for some reading fun.


Reading is good


New BooksWelcome to MAC library this year!

Our 3 rules:

  • NO FOOD in the library
  • Borrow 4 books up to 3 weeks
  • Always record your book loan at the issue desk

Many new books arrive weekly on the “New Books” shelf.

There are also more than 200 ebooks on our FREE e-library to read on your own device.

Reading is good, so read more!

Holiday reading


To battle boredom and keep the brain fit, visit the town library to keep reading over the holidays.

If you are under 14, you can sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge, adopt a secret identity then read as many books as you can and get fun prizes.

So go to the Wanaka Library and get reading!

Book Club favourite book!


9780008140878Demon Road

By Derek Landy, the author of the series Skulduggery Pleasant, which we also love.

We rated this book 5 out of 5!

Amber Lambert has never heard of the Demon Road. But when her parents try to kill her, her life changes forever. A maze of secrets, lies and mysteries uncover the real truth of her parents. Now on the run with Milo, her parents and their friends closely behind, she is forced to travel along the Demon Road and confront the devil himself.

Genre: Thriller, fantasy, adventure (and a little bit of humour too)

The best book of the year!



Revision help at the library


Study 002 The library offers knowledge books to support all subjects of the curriculum so it is a good starting point for any revision. Encyclopedias are also great to learn and go deeper in any subject or to check specific points.

The library holds an updated set of Revision guides that cover all NCEA subjects. They are not for loan so that everyone can access them. Please use them here. Each revision guide contains the main points and previous years exam papers. These are also available on the NCEA website here.

The library also holds a selection of books about study skills, how to get organised, how to keep motivated etc.

Come to the library to revise in an inspiring learning environment.

And online, here are great websites to help. Many college departments sites provide detailed info about exams and study. Tutorials offered at the college are listed in the latest newsletter here.

Studyit – Your one stop site for achieving in NCEA maths, science, and English. Find what you need to know, contact subject teachers, and get encouragement from other students.

No Brain too Small – Revision notes, flashcards and activities prepared by NZ teachers to help all levels in NCEA Science.

Epic databases – Access to up-to-date full text articles covering a huge range of subjects from thousands of international and New Zealand magazines, newspapers, biographies, substantial reference works, and images. Ask your teacher or the librarian for our college’s username name and login.

S-cool – A British revision website for high school students, all subjects.  Many will help for NCEA units.

Khan Academy –  The organization produces micro lectures in the form of YouTube videos about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more. If there is a specific point you did not understand (eg. parabolas, deflation etc.), then you’ll find 5mn videos that explain it and exercises to test your knowledge.

Book club review


In book club in term 3 we’ve read The Wrath and the Dawn, by Renee Ahdieh, which we finished over the holidays.

For months, the King of Khorasan has killed his new wife every dawn. No one knows the reason, but when Shahrzad’s best friend falls victim to a silk cord around her throat, she volunteers to be the next wife to seek revenge.

She distracts the young King with stories and tales until each dawn breaks. Though after a few weeks living in luxury and curiosity, she begins to uncover the secret to the murders and finds herself falling for the young King.

But danger awaits everyone in the palace as the angered people of Khorasan organise to overthrow the King. Soon, Shahrzad is stuck between a long-ago lover and the King of Khorasan himself…


It was exciting and suspenseful. We liked that it was set in an exotic place, an Arabic country somewhere. And we liked the main characters. The end really makes you feel like reading the next book.

But we found this book difficult to follow because of the names of the characters, often impossible to pronounce.

Also, as the plot is obviously based on “The Thousand and One Night”, we might have expected more allusions to these richly woven and imbricate fables, yet only a couple of tales are told within the story.

We rated it …                      Wrath&Dawn rating

Awesome Graphic Novels


Graphic Novels are a great way to read and read more. They offer a progression to more words and more complex stories, of course supported by graphics that help comprehension and offer a rich experience.

Historically disdained as US Comics used to be mainly about superheroes, graphic novels have evolved to a rich and valuable reading material.BD selection in France European graphic novel culture is incredibly varied and creative. In every bookshop, there is an extensive Comics or Bande dessinées (BD) section and many towns have  their graphic novel shop. There are 2 major Festivals that honour and reward graphic novels and artists, the Lucca Comics and Games festival in Italy coming up in October and the International Festival “de la Bande dessinee” in Angouleme, which is more than 40 years old! The Comic Strip museum in Belgium gives an idea of the variety and magnitude of the “9th Art“.

In New Zealand, graphic novels regularly make it in the book awards finalists and bestsellers. Click here to open an excellent history and review of NZ graphic novels.

Picture booksTherefore here at MAC, the graphic novel section is steadily expending, with new graphic novel series and stand alone:

Come to the library and dive in a good BD!


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