Favourite Book Festival competitions results!


Winning Posters:

Congratulation and well done everyone for your participation! The library is now nicely decorated with all your favourite books recommendations.

Library House Competition Winners*:

House Competition podium

1st tie: Roy and Barker!

2nd: Pisa

3rd: Iron

*Whanau quizzes and posters earned points.

Favourite Book Poster


Create a poster to recommend your favourite book to your peers and win!

Poster Favourite_book_template_imagePrices

  • Points for your House in the 2014 Library House competition
  • The 3 best posters authors will win a book

How to participate

  • Create a poster promoting your favourite book  that includes : Title, author, illustration, genre/s, age and gender recommendations  + your name and whanau at the back. Use the template on the right if you wish or design your own, showing all the required information.
  • Return to the library by Monday 18th August 4pm



Book Exchange


After the book fair where you can only buy with money, here is the book exchange where you can get (near) new books without money.

Sort your books at home and choose the ones you no longer want. They need to be in good condition and please check with your parents.

Bring them to the library this week to get your tokens (about one token per hundred pages). You can choose Tokensto get your book back after the event, if it didn’t go.

The books (showing  a token “price”) will be set up in the library from the 11th August. You can then come and spend your tokens on books.

Hurry to the Scholastic Book Fair


bf_fairThe Scholastic Book fair is a success and has nearly reached its goal! Come today or tomorrow with your money or get your parents to fill in their card details at the back of the wish list.

The book fair is set up in the library and then will be in the gym entrance during parents interviews (Tuesday afternoon).

Wednesday, it will be too late!

PS. I have ordered lots of Minecraft books and they have arrived!


Favourite Book Festival!


Starting next week… There will be:

♥ Scholastic Book Fair
♥ Book exchange
♥ Book Bingo
♥ Favourite book poster competition and whanau quiz

Click on the image to view the programme details!


Book your Holiday Reading Pack!


How about you give a kick to your reading habits during the holidays?

Register below for a Reading Holiday Pack by Wednesday 2nd July.

The librarian will selects 10 books specially for you, to extend your reading level while nurturing your pleasure for reading and deliver them to you in class on the last day of the term.



Dystopian fiction


Hunger_Games_+_DivergentIn the wake of the Hunger Games and Divergent series, here are some books suggestions, all in the Dystopian genre. Dystopian fiction is part of Science Fiction but is not necessarily set in the future nor does it include lots of technology. Instead it imagines a different society organisation or a political system, then explores how people live in it. These books often revolve around apocalypse or post-apocalypse, survival, social control, rebellion, special gifts and identity with a pinch of romance.

Classic dystopian books include 1984, by George Orwell (ORW)*, Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley (HUX) and We by Evgeniæi Ivanovich Zamiatin (ZAM).

The popularity of the Uglies Series, by Scott Westerfeld (WES) in 2005 revived the genre which is now pouring with best selling series:

  • Juno series, by Fleur Beale (BEA) NZ authorMaze_+_Uglies
  • Matched series, by Allie Conde (CON)
  • The Maze Runner, by James Dashner (DAS)
  • Tomorrow Girls, by Eva Gray (GRA)
  • Wool Series, by Hugh Howey (HOW)
  • Legend novels, by Marie LU (LU)
  • The Declaration series, by Gemma Malley (MAL)
  • Chaos Walking series, by Patrick Ness (NES)

And also some stand alone novels:Blood_Red_Road_+_Only_Boy

  • Genesis, by Bernard Beckett (BEC) NZ author
  • Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow (DOC)
  • The Only Boy, by Jordan Locke (LOC)
  • The Giver, by Lois Lowry (LOW)
  • Unidentified, by Rae Mariz (MAR)
  • Only Ever Always, by Renny Russon (RUS)
  • Blood Red Road, by Moira Young (YOU)

Most of these books are on high demand so ask the librarian to reserve them.

* letters in brackets indicate where you can find the book in the library.


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